Artist led space for performing arts.

Inspired by: Lyra Theatre, Out of the Blue (Edinburgh), cooperatives, a mutually supportive environment, visual artist spaces, practitioners having own studios and being able to leave their kit.

A making space or theatre space: maybe production facilitation (blackouts or lights), being able to engage with the public (access), child and disability friendly.

Having a home: kitchen, warm, natural light, air.

Next steps: research spaces, circulate notes, set next meeting.

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  1. HelsBev


    Inspired by: Lyra in Craigmillar (, Out of the Blue in Edinburgh (, practitioners in their own studios leaving their kit, co-operative models, artist spaces.

    Having a home: natural light, warm, kitchen facilities, other artists, therapeutic space, production facilities (maybe a long term ambition).

    Where? populated area, accessible, child friendly, engage with the public, Elgin/Forres

    Questions: are there other partners? how would it be funded?

    Next steps: research spaces, set next meeting at end of May.