Funding – how to apply for events funding and who to?

Is the project needed? Prove that people want it? What is it about?
Self Directed Support – individuals now have choice to spend their care allowance how they want.
Frame the project – hit the criteria of the body you are applying to.
Break down your work into projects – each project can come from a different fund.
Creative Scotland online (regular – organisations, open – everyone, targeted – youth music initiative, creative place award, etc.).
Big Lottery.
Local authority.
In kind counts as match funding.
Problems with forms.
Problems with age restrictions on funding.
Knowledge of who to apply to? Where are the forms?
Lots of ideas on what to do but no way of knowing who to ask for help.
Feedback on why rejected for funding.
Found out who the Moray Council funding officer is on local council website.
TSI Moray.
Cultural Enterprise Office – free courses in how to fill out applications.
Highlands and Islands Enterprise.
Arts and Business (grants for organisations to develop).
Leader (retrospective funding).
Creative Scotland expects you to pay yourself, but profits must be paid back and will be allocated to others.
Access costs are considered relevant.
Speak to enquiries team at Creative Scotland.
Look at published lists on who got what, where and when.
Look at unexpected bodies to fund doing things – Forestry Commission, etc.
Emergents (crafts) – sign up for newsletters.