How do we get better at getting sponsorship / business involvement in Moray.

The group gave suggestions/ tips on getting sponsorship –

Create a pitch and make it business like in business terms.
Alternative bargaining – offer them team building exercises in dance / painting / singing in exchange of sponsorship
Provide detail – footfall / audience / facebook followers
Put cost on everything – list things you have to pay for and could be sponsored – font of house / transport/ accommodation
Promote what you do at educational events – parents have businesses / next generation of artists coming through the system.
Remember businesses are not there to give you money!
Ask if big companies have a community fund.
Give them good quality product – boost the benefits.
Research the company and the people who work for them: Do they like the arts and what are their interests?
Organisations that can help:
– Event Scotland have info on how to create your sponsorship package.
– Scottish Business in the Community – might have a database of companies who are interested?
– Get Arts & Business up to Moray to promote what the benefits of sponsoring the arts in Moray.