Promotion – what works? Digital media training?

Cost prohibitive – is print dead?
Promotion can take you away from the business you should be doing.
Pinterest (FREE) is a promotional tool, not just an inspiration source.
Tumblr (FREE).
Instagram (FREE) – tell the story, more than just the end product.
Facebook (FREE).
Twitter (FREE).
Kilter (FREE) – Scottish Facebook.
Editorial in newspapers – who to approach? How do you find relevant people and arts?
Target specific publications. Find the editor and send them the information and ask them to promote you. Write a letter – this sometimes get you noticed more than an email.
Support from local groups e.g. Moray Business Women.
Highlands and Islands Enterprise mentoring.
Use webinars (online seminars) to find out how to do things).
Local practical seminars show you how to do it fast.
Build up a network.
Overuse of social media/repetitive adverts gets boring. It switches people off.