Linking, Partnerships and Engagement

Networking and Communication:

  • Music, story telling, dance, heritage, public art, film, photography, crafts, culture.
  • Locality groups, satellite hubs, events.
  • Pulling assets together.
  • Communicating throughout Moray.

A Business Development post whose job is to generate income, opportunities and long-term relationships.

Task List:


  • Current websites and social media sites.
  • Current existing community organisations.
  • USPs > whisky / food and drink, textiles, heritage, culture, crafts, businesses.
  • Tourism providers > Moray Speyside Tourism / Visit Scotland.
  • Themes & initiatives.
  • Events & festivals.
  • Education



·     Partnerships between third sector and artists.

·     This also needs to be about quality, not just money.

·     Engagement with all of Moray, including the East.

·     Support for corporate packages.

·     A separate post > someone who specifically focuses upon linking business and the arts, promoting arts to fulfil corporate social responsibility. A post which focuses specifically upon generating money, opportunities and relationships in the long term, to give a level of sustainability beyond the 3 or 4 years of funding.

·     The Place Partnership Coordinator to spread and exchange information, contacts and networks between all locations in Moray – Cullen, Rothes, Aberlour, Forres, Buckie, Keith, Elgin, Fochabers, etc.

·     Support for creative businesses to increase creative job opportunities within the sector.

·     Consultation and communication with businesses to find out how to demonstrate the value of the arts.

·     Involvement of business enhanced creative association.

·     Several disparate yet similar charities in eco/recycling sector want to support creative uses of scrap materials, but at present events are small, disconnected and need a shared space for art/techy people to mingle. E.g. Transition Town, T-Exchange, Reboot, Waste Watchers.

·     Better communication between groups > less cliquey, break down barriers.

·     Include other arts and cultural sectors! Bring together all types of artists.

·     Continue Project Arts > this has demonstrated a thirst for involvement between artists and members of the community.

·     Must address the lack of transport for young people.

·     Links with NHS and Social Care to bring culture to health and wellbeing, and be able to win contracts for service provision.

·     Explore “regular” business models, which could use profits to fund arts.

·      Financial support is a wider conversation > Universal Basic Income.