Discussion Notes:

  • Place Partnership is an advocate for the arts and culture in Moray.
  • Public > Place Partnership to build links with public resources for promoting events etc. (connect to other sectors, e.g. Moray Speyside Tourism).
  • Sector > Place Partnership to support artists and arts organisations in their promotion.
  • Subsidised Marketing Services: artist receives grant for marketing > marketer gets paid > artist gets improved audience > artists receive sales to pay for more marketing.
  • Independent Reviewers > recruit reviewers to submit reviews of shows to newspapers (pay travel and tickets) and ask newspapers for inclusion of reviews.
  • Collective advertising to make it more affordable.
  • Paid for Postering Service.
  • Support organisations to get together to look at events – when / where they are – to support each other with marketing.
  • Toolkit for marketing culture in Moray that is updated annually.
  • Marketing research into what cultural experiences people want for promoters and programmers.
  • Ambassadors dotted around Moray to promote events and make connections.
  • Focus on opportunities to improve media relations.
  • Pre-empt the Place Partnership post appointment with information about what it is to community forums, groups, etc.
  • Find ways to help artists and arts organisations invest in marketing and see the value.
  • Connect rural volunteer venues and halls with such organisations as NEAT and The Touring Network, so they can receive money and marketing support to develop their programmes.
  • Question: do we promote the Place Partnership as an initiative in itself or do we use the Place Partnership as an initiative that sits behind the cultural sector in Moray, supporting our marketing of the work that we do? What have other Place Partnerships done?


  • Ambassadors in towns across Moray who can distribute info from the Coordinator to local groups, businesses and people as a way of spreading and gathering info to help keep everyone informed.
  • Widely advertised Place Partnership post > Community Councils, Forums, Community Groups, artists, NHS organisations.
  • Tap into the resources of famous artists connected with Moray.
  • A catchy name – representing who we are.
  • Marketing support for rural venues and halls.
  • Market research into Moray audiences.
  • There are so many event/listing websites that do the same thing. Can we invest in one and stick with it to serve all of Moray?
  • A Moray arts phone app?
  • Marketing Masterclasses: a person or toolkit to help artists, organisations and events to sell themselves. Don’t create a new website > teach people about existing resources.
  • Celebrating existing artists and cultural activity in Moray.
  • An online, accessible website for ALL to draw from.
  • International artists raise the profile of Moray to boost cultural reputation.

1 Response

  1. Diane Smith

    Can we / should we have a name for the Place Partnership – We Make Moray would be good to use!