Skills Development and Education:

What’s Not Working?

  • Arts provision is being cut.
  • Funding for arts in schools > where to find this?
  • Not much aspiration for it in the schools.
  • Moray College > only NC Drama, BA and MA Fine Art.
  • Not much dance provision.
  • Rock Academy > no representation at Culture Café events.
  • No hub / spaces / studios.
  • Need arts hub or contactable person.
  • No or few arts professionals going to schools or career fairs.
  • Communication between schools and artists.
  • Teachers / students time, not much of it.

Actions / Solutions:

  • Someone from Stakeholders’ Group to address graduate placements, work experience and mentoring within arts organisations in Moray.
  • Third sector internships were run through SCVO – who now?
  • UHI / Moray College are looking to expand subjects and training on offer in the cultural industries.
  • Moray College could offer pop up studios in the summer.
  • Mapping the sector > an arts directory / online source.
  • Ignite (Findhorn Bay Arts) > development, mapping, arts activities.
  • Bodysurf Community Dance Development > working with young people, elderly and ASN groups.
  • Inclusivity and intergenerational exchange of skills re: online and social media.
  • Stakeholders’ Group to recruit volunteer coordinating ambassadors.
  • Communication > schools, children and young people, councils and artists.
  • Funding: youth music initiative, pupil equality fund (in schools), skills development, creative sabbaticals for middle-aged nearly burnt out artists!!
  • Invite Skills Development Scotland to a Culture Café event.
  • Eden Court Creative model for Moray > outreach workers available in schools or fund Eden Court to move into Moray.


  • Support for freelancers to access training and transport > valuing freelancers’ input into days like today – not necessarily artists.
  • Money for freelancers to attend training and events.
  • International artist exchange.
  • UHI to teach the HNC, HND and degree in theatre, dance and cultural industries.
  • More links with Moray College > artists going in.
  • Graduate support.
  • Internships for UHI graduates.
  • Training is sometimes only accessible to those with money.
  • Work experience for people wanting to work in the arts > maybe some kind of organisation to facilitate payments/mentoring and not just for young people but for people of all ages.
  • Creative schools programmes and funding for arts in school.