Supporting Artists

Discussion Notes:

  • Mentoring programme for artists (cross content, experience and artforms).
  • Resources to support the continuation of Culture Café.
  • Culture Café events for artists and makers only.
  • Showcase events for local performers and artists (1. Professional level, 2. Community level, 3. Touring, 4. Programmed or not).
  • Open Fund within Place Partnership to support new work.


  • Existing “Own Art” scheme to encourage sales.
  • Export art!! Take high quality art out of Moray (e.g. to art fairs) > sales for artists and publicity for Moray.
  • Moray Art Centre community gallery > new artists and smaller displays.
  • Moray Art Centre word salon > writers and performers monthly groups.
  • Interconnectivity and a combination of historic and contemporary.
  • Artist collective with regular meetings to celebrate our work.
  • Keep on supporting and valuing professional level artists!
  • Equality in payment.
  • More jobs and paid opportunities for artists to keep our arts practitioners in the area.
  • People volunteer in Moray, which affects clients’ expectation of artists doing work for free and affects how the arts are valued. In Moray, we have to fight for a fee.
    Funding for emerging artists, whatever the age.