Creative Map

Who are we? Where are we from? Are we few or many? Culture Café is undertaking an on-going and dynamic mapping of creative activities, facilities and people across Moray to better understand the wealth and depth of the arts sector in the region.

The mapping exercise, involving collating names, contact details and categorising what part of the industry you work in, will allow you or your organisation to be promoted on this site as well as creating a way for us to communicate and share skills and resources. We also hope that it will allow us to inform local and national government about the importance of the arts sector in Moray.

All personal data will be processed by Bodysurf Scotland, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. No information will be sold to third party organisations.

All data collected will be used for the benefit of the arts & cultural sector in Moray.

Submit your details for the Culture Café Creative Map

  • Please note we will review all submissions before adding them to the map. For more information on the mapping exercise, please email get in touch.

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