Hosting a Culture Café

You may have been along to one of our Café events before or you may be totally new to the idea. Either way we’ve created a guide designed to give you enough information to feel confident about hosting your own Culture Café.

Let’s begin by saying that there is no rigid format. All that we ask is that your own event is in keeping with the ethos and ideas outlined in our Culture Café Manifesto. That’s right, like the Futurists and the Vorticists before us we have written our an arts manifesto. But do not worry, our manifesto is not quite so highfalutin nor didactic as these!

Culture Café is all about creating a mutually supportive environment in which arts and culture can flourish. It is self-organising and belongs to the people who come along and get involved. It provides a forum for artists and art lovers to share ideas, make new contacts, build new collaborations and, of course, enjoy excellent local food and drink. Put simply, Culture Café exists to encourage and promote art and culture in Moray (and beyond) and to get as many people involved as possible.

So please begin by having a read through the Culture Café Manifesto and then contact us and we’ll send you the Culture Café hosting guide.