Culture Café Manifesto

Culture Café is a meeting place for practising artists and people who work in the arts based in and around Moray.

Art is for sharing, it is democratic and social, it brings people together, and can change lives for the better.

Culture Café is about positive contribution, the sharing of inspirational ideas and the developing of local creative partnerships and collaborations.

Art nurtures emotional and philosophical understanding of our connection to people, place, nature and society.

Culture Café is part of growing grassroots arts initiatives.

Art drives social change and reflects historical and contemporary life.

Culture Café is self-organising and community owned, adapting and responding to artistsʼ interests and concerns.

Art and artists communicate ideas of the heart, the hand and the head, providing a valuable mirror for society and the human condition.

Culture Café is an open, self-selecting, non-hierarchical community; individuals and organisations, artists and administrators are valued equally.

Art transcends economic value and sustains beyond the tangible.

Culture Café recognises the need to develop new and locally relevant, sustainable approaches to supporting the arts and developing dynamic local partnerships

Art, artists and culture make a significant contribution to economic and social health and wealth of our society.

Culture Café views the role of the artist as a highly valued heart of society and promotes the fundamental idea of Art as a conversation about renewal, respect, resilience and relationships.

Art is a living, vibrant, necessary part of life.