Culture Cafe is a meeting and networking space for people working in the arts in the Moray area.

About Culture Café

Founded in 2011 as a meeting place for the local arts community, Culture Café brings together people who work in the arts who are interested in networking, sharing ideas, developing partnerships and peer support.

Culture Café has been used to launch projects, establish sector-wide strategies and introduce partners from health and social care, business and education.

Read the Culture Café Manifesto or find out how to host a Culture Café.

Host a Culture Café

Let’s begin by saying that there is no rigid format, all we ask is that your own event is in keeping with the ethos and ideas outlined in the Culture Café Manifesto

Culture Café is all about creating a mutually supportive environment in which arts and culture can flourish.

Full details for hosting a Culture Café or get in touch.

Culture Cafe Animateurs

Culture Cafe Artists as Animateurs – 2nd round

Culture Café is now running the 2nd series of Animateurs (supporting contemporary artists/creative practitioners who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.) Read more about the work of the past Amimateurs or the new brief and apply.

Next Culture Café Event

There are no upcoming events at this time.
For those who missed #Animateur @rachael.jabuti Culture Café event here's the documentary doodle of the activities!  Thanks to @doodlesurfer for all the amazing doodles of this first series of Animateurs. Watch this space for round 2! #art #food #lockdown #creativity
The second of @doodlesurfer Rosie Balyuzi's Documentary Doodles of Friday's event with Animateurs, #birdhousecollective. Doodling each mini presentation.  #photography #lockdown #onlineexhibitions
Here's Animateur, Rosie Balyuzi's Documentary Doodle of Friday's event with Animateurs, The Birdhouse Photography Collective. Thank you Rosie, for wonderfully illustrating all the different topics, thoughts and views. #wemakemoray #culturecafemoray #creativity #nourishingfood #brainfood #onlineceilidh
Some of the tasty muffins made live at The Cooking Céilidh with Animateur with Rachael Macintyre! #wemakemoray #culturecafemoray #creativity #lockdowncooking @rachael.jabuti
Book now for this afternoon's #Cooking #Ceilidh with Culture Café Animateur Rachael Macintyre! https://www.culturecafe.scot/event/the-cooking-ceilidh/. #Moray #wemakemoray #creativity #celebration
Big Friday night cheers to everyone who took part in The Birdhouse Photography Collective exhibition preview and discussion. Topics included: the benefits of viewing online #exhibitions from a rural base; not being able to have a relationship with the #audience; online exhibitions are cheaper, no hanging deadlines and no competition for wall space; a vehicle for #artists to express what we are all going through during #lockdown; a way that we can keep #connectedness and open up new relationships.
The next event is on Monday with #Animateur Rachael Macintyre who is hosting The Cooking Céilidh from 4pm. See www.culturecafe.scot for more details. #wemakemoray #moray #culturecafemoray #onlineexhibitions
Get your drinks ready for the private view of Looking Out with Animateurs, The Birdhouse Photography Collective. https://www.culturecafe.scot/event/looking-out/
Introducing Animateurs The Birdhouse Photography Collective, who are about to launch an online exhibition, 'Looking Out' - a response to this strange and traumatic time we have all been passing through.
This Friday they invite you to share your experience of exhibiting and viewing online work and discuss how this medium might become the new norm and how, if we can, improve this experience. Find out more: www.culturecafe.scot. #photography #onlineexhibitions #culturecafe #wemakemoray
Here is the muffin recipe for those that want to join in on the baking, which is how we'll kick the whole event off. 
I've used a recipe from East Neuk Seaweed, but you can also adapt the recipe to suit any dietary requirements. I used a little less sugar, for example.
The recipe is neither vegan or gluten-free, but the good thing is muffins are SOOOOO easy to make, so if you do have these or any other dietary requirements that make this particular recipe unsuitable, then please adapt your own to fit (or just make an entirely different muffin!). We have 25 packs to give away to those who want to take part. Packs include:
*sugar kelp
*baking powder
*pepper dulce
you will need to source your own sugar, oil, eggs and milk (if you are using them). ~
If you would like a pack email info@culturecafe.scot ~
Introducing Animatuer @rachael.jabuti  who will be taking over Culture Cafe this week and hosting a traditional (online) #Ceilidh on Monday 29 June! Watch this space. #wemakemoray #culturecafeonline #arts #culture #resilience